Digital Ecosystem
Management (DEM) The new way to grow

The new way to grow

We're in a low growth world. How do you break free from this norm and grow not just a little, but a great deal? A few growth stars have shown the way - creating, managing and monetizing vibrant ecosystems of customers, producers and innovators. We call this Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) and we can help you make the most of it.

Why and how to adopt Digital Ecosystem Management

From the big opportunity of the new industrial revolution to the winning ways of the digital masters, from the benefits to be gained to the key steps to move forward - here’s the essential story of why you should take advantage of Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) and how we can help.

Download our White Paper The benefits of DEM

By adopting Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM), telcos, for example, can increase IoT revenues by up to 500%. This paper describes how.

DEM is an opportunity for all businesses

Creating and curating your own digital ecosystem is not just the preserve of tech businesses or fresh new start-ups. It’s an opportunity all businesses in any sector should explore – and as this insight highlights, the time to start is now.

Watch our video Understanding the global platform economy

Platform based economies are disrupting industries and creating a new way to grow. Here is an insightful video, featuring new research and analysis from leading scholars in the field.

Executive briefing Engage your Leaders

The first step towards a new way to grow is to fully understand how DEM works, for the digital masters of today and potentially for you too. We offer complimentary briefings and workshops to help boards and leadership teams in any sector explore this powerful business model and the practicalities of adopting it.